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Huoli Worry Dolls: Summer Solstice Edition

£5.00 / On Sale

The Huoli are an ancient race of tiny people who once upon a time lived among the humans; using ancient magick to rid you of your anxiety and grief. But when they were discovered, people were scared. People fear what is different and they chased all the Huoli away. Luckily the Huoli magick meant they could create another reality for them to exist in. They still come back to help humans cope with their overloading emotions, but they stay just in your peripheral vision.

Each ceramic doll is hand sculpted, glazed and finished with a teeny TC logo. These Summer Solstice editions are in warm summer tones and wear the Wiccan fire symbol. Limited edition - Only 10 sets available.

The larger dolls are between 0.5 and 1" tall and the smaller dolls are roughly 1cm tall. Each set contains one large and one small doll. You could always keep one and gift one to your best friend.

Two smaller dolls will arrive in jars of 'fermented honey' (removable) in honour of the honey moon this Solstice.

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